Yes, it’s time to replay Elden Ring

It’s Elden Ringmas, the one year anniversary of our GOTY 2022 (opens in new tab)it’s launch, and I’m here to tell you it’s time for a replay. Wake up Tarnished, we’ve got an Erdtree to burn, these 107 unique bosses (opens in new tab) won’t beat themselves!

My first Elden Ring character is one of my favorite guys I’ve ever made in an RPG⁠ – I started with the Samurai class and opted for a sort of Sekiro shinobi look with dual katanas (including my beloved Moonveil) and the surprisingly stylish altered Preceptor Robes. When I finally finished the game after 100 hours, all I wanted was to continue with this same guy on New Game Plus, but therein lies a problem: the supposed expansion pack.

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