Yakuza developers are messing up the entire gaming industry

we here in kotaku receive many tips by email. Some are spam, some are hateful messages filled with errors, and some are serious allegations that require serious investigation. So it’s refreshing when something comes along that just points us towards something breezy and cool, as was the case with a recent house-killing boot fashion tip. Like a dragon: Ishin! developers, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

A development division of Sega whose roots go back to 1998, Ryu Ga Gotoku (“RGG”) is a Japanese studio responsible for the 2012 third-person shooter binary domain. However, you are probably most familiar with RGG’s most prominent work, the yakuza Series. Since 2012, RGG has been in charge of the action-adventure franchise, developing new main titles and remastering old ones, while creating spin-offs such as Judgment series and the latest remake, Like a dragon: Ishin!

It’s that latest game, which was originally released only in Japan in 2014 before making its world debut earlier this week, that was the topic of the tip email we received this week. In Love with Senior Editor Alyssa Mercante “fashion callout” from The Game Awards bland dripthe reader (whose name we decided to keep hidden) said we should check this making-of like a dragon video to see some “cool suits”.

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“Loved The Game Awards fashion call and follow-up article and 40 seconds in this video about Ryu Ga Gotoku making the next one like a dragon game, there is an amazing promo photo of the team,” the reader said in an email to kotaku. “I think if you are in charge of yakuza/like a dragon series, you’re basically required to wear a nice suit. And they are not lying! RGG is literally disrupting the entire industry at once.


In the first episode of a multi-part series on Sega Asia’s English YouTube channel, we take a quick look at RGG’s fashion sense. Japanese fashion is very captivating if you follow it. Filled with flowing silhouettes, wild colors and patterns, and an interesting mix of casual and smart aestheticsPeople of the Land of the Rising Sun knows how to dress. RGG is no exception. Sure, the suits the developers wear about 40 seconds into the video above are all black, but the nuance is in the details. Two employees have jackets with interesting markings: one with a variety of white dots and the other with several small crosses. A different employee has a coat with tastefully accented white lines. Three other employees have full patterns, with two of the employees’ suits having a good sheen. If you told me this is an alternative J-Rock band and not a bunch of video game developers, I would believe you.

Even the developers’ boots, while nondescript on the surface, really add to the developers’ collective drip. Most in the photo have shiny-looking round pointed-toe boots with no lace-up on them, as if they’ve just stepped off the set of The Matrix or something. Two others mix things up a bit, with one employee having what looks like round lace-up boots à la Dr. Martens (although maybe not exactly that brand) and another apparently wearing very dark boots, maybe suede. Anyway, RGG tweaks are on point! I may not be the fashionista that kotaku‘s Alyssa Mercante is, but I’m also gasping at the confident simplicity RGG exudes in their nearly matching looks. It’s amazing to see, especially in an industry known for some of the most predictable outfit combinations (T-shirt and blazer) ever.

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Anyway, shout out to RGG for killing the entire industry in a matter of seconds with their killer fashion and their even more killer samurai game, Like a dragon: Ishin! In fact, staff writer Sisi Jiang called it “the best samurai game you can play right now.” You should check it out.

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