Worcestershire: Dealer cut drugs in ‘Ketflix & Pills’ painting

When police raided Alexander Greening’s apartment, they found drugs strewn across a cutting board (Photo: SWNS)

A man running a drug trafficking operation out of a village shop was arrested.

Alexander Greening, 22, will serve 32 months behind bars after admitting to importing and trafficking Class A drugs from his apartment.

He carried out the operation from above a shop in the picturesque village of Martley in Worcestershire.

Greening’s arrest came after Border Force officers intercepted one of his overseas shipments.

When police raided his apartment, they found drugs strewn across a cutting board labeled ‘Ketflix & Pills’, a play on the euphemistic phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’.

Greening’s one-man criminal empire was destroyed when officers intercepted one of his packages (Photo: SWNS)

Officers also recovered a number of controlled substances kept inside sealed bags, including pills with a representation of the superhero Batman and others emblazoned with the figure of a nude woman.

After his arrest, Greening admitted to 10 drug-related offenses, including importing, possessing and supplying Class A substances.

He received his 32-month sentence at Worcester Crown Court on 7 February.

Alexander Greening imported drugs from his flat in the picturesque village of Martley, Worcestershire (Photo: SWNS)

The court heard that their operation involved the supply of eight different drugs imported and sold between April and August of last year.

Detective Inspector Dave Knight of West Mercia Police said: “This was an investigation by South Worcestershire Patrol Police who carried out a detailed investigation which culminated in a decent outcome in court.

‘It doesn’t matter where you get the drugs.

‘It doesn’t matter where you are on drugs – you have to be lucky all the time. We have to get lucky once.

‘We work with other police forces and the Border Force to stem the flow of drugs into Britain and across county borders.

“Selling drugs is inherently risky, as is using drugs that have not been tested.

‘In South Worcestershire we have a solid support network for drug users and we can flag as and when needed.

‘Drug dealers will be flagged for the prison service.’

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