Wilson the cat becomes the latest addition to Rosehearty’s school roster

Wilson even wore a director’s tie when posing for the class photo (Photo: Julie Innes/Press and Journal)

The newest addition to the school’s roster at Rosehearty Primary in Aberdeenshire leaves hair everywhere, never answers questions and won’t stop licking himself in class.

But despite all this, he is loved by staff and fellow students at the school on Scotland’s north east coast.

Wilson is a two-year-old tabby and is so popular that he even took his own class picture.

He was adopted by the local Innes family in May 2021 and began to delight the local community on his adventures away from home not long after.

Julie Innes, 39, told the Aberdeen Press and Journal: ‘I had to pick it up from Brownies at the local church, I had to pick it up from the local bar, Davron’s, and I got it from the butcher shop.’

Wilson’s wanderings began when he was six months old, when he began following other Rosehearty residents around the village.

He ‘just loves people’ and has a ‘great personality’, Julie said – but it’s his bond with her children Hannah, 11, and Joel, nine, that is really special.

One day, Wilson started to join the two kids at their school, even walking into a classroom after being kicked out by staff members.

Meet Wilson the cat, the newest pupil at an Aberdeenshire primary school

It takes a lot to upset a nice cat like Wilson (Photo: Julie Innes/The Press and Journal)

According to Julie, he’s probably been in every class at school at this point, even trying PE once.

She and her husband, Paul, 44, have become accustomed to messages from Rosehearty Primary saying, ‘Can you pick Wilson up at the front desk?’

And when the curious cat paid a visit at the recent school picture day, the staff knew exactly what they were going to do.

Principal Mike Taylor allowed Wilson to wear his tie for a proper professional look, and the photographer took a photo honoring the cat’s contribution to school life.

Julie confirmed that she had commissioned several photos of Wilson – plus a few of Hannah and Joel.

Meet Wilson the cat, the newest pupil at an Aberdeenshire primary school

School officials were desperate to get some special shots of Wilson when the photographer came to visit (Photo: Julie Innes/The Press and Journal)

Last September, a four-year-old cat named Ziggy was also able to get his picture taken during the local school’s picture day.

Like Wilson, he traveled regularly with his owner Emma Roberts’ children, Megan and Chloe, to school in Drury, in Flintshire, north-east Wales.

Headmaster Mark Biltcliffe said: ‘He thinks he’s a student, so it’s fitting that he has his own photo. I think it will be put on the staff bulletin board.

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