When might it get warmer with a cold snap forecast?

Don’t put away your winter warmers just yet… (Photo: Getty)

Stop the press! It’s cold in the UK.

Okay, it’s not exactly surprising news that Brits aren’t sunbathing in February. But after the blizzard that closed schools at the start of the year and the freezing fog that has settled over London in recent weeks, it’s been a particularly dismal start to 2023.

And even though spring is technically just a few weeks away, warmer weather isn’t a guarantee.

In fact, a cold snap was forecast for most of March. So when might it get hotter and what do the next few weeks hold?

When will it get hotter?

These days, the outlook doesn’t look promising for anyone wanting to pack away their winter coats and bulky layers.

In fact, some weather maps have warned that temperatures in March can reach -10 degrees.

Sudden stratospheric warming occurred in mid-February near Scandinavia – a weather event typical of this time of year.

The effect on Britain could be mixed – either it causes extreme weather or… nothing.

An example of this is in 2018, when he was accused of kicking off the Beast from the East. But the following year, the same occurrence happened and the British felt nothing but a typical late February chill.

As it takes a few weeks to gauge what might happen after Scandi warms up, meteorologists are now getting more information. And some maps show that temperatures could dip during this latest cold snap, with the possibility of snow hitting nearly every corner of Britain.

People play in the snow in Scotland

The snow fell earlier this year and we might see it again soon (Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

What’s the forecast for March?

While we’ll have to wait and see if the meteorologists got it right, BBC Weather has forecasts for the coming weeks.

They expect cooler but drier weather in the coming weeks as we move into March.

Woman turning on the radiator

Heating may need to be increased (Image: Getty)

The forecast explains: ‘It will be quite cold, with temperatures close to or slightly below the seasonal average, and there may be some scattered showers at times, some of which will be wintry on higher ground.’

“The second week of March risks getting a little cooler as the high pressure moves further north and northwest, especially towards Greenland. Hail and snow showers will be possible at lower altitudes, and there is a chance that low pressure will push northwards from the continent, bringing more widespread precipitation.’

“A similar pattern appears to persist through the end of March.”

So when will it get warmer? We’re looking at April at the earliest.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

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