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This week be sure to watch episodes of:

This will never work (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

This week’s featured show!

THIS WILL NEVER WORK lively conversations showcase Marc’s unique blend of analytical skills, tough love, with a healthy dose of humor to provide actionable advice that will benefit founders – and aspiring founders – at every stage of their business journey.

Episode 111: Cicero Learning, a company that helps struggling families access tailored global education. It’s an educational method known as “World Schooling,” which has become a hot topic thanks to the pandemic, when laptop-using parents have realized that certain types of work can now be done literally anywhere in the world.

Episode 304: Ever wonder what people do with the advice Marc gives on the show? Well, David Silberman, co-founder of PingPod, is here to tell you just that.

Action and Ambition (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

ACTION AND AMBITION Andrew Medal goes behind the scenes to learn the stories, mindsets and actions of the world’s most ambitious people.

Episode 111: Andrew Medal talks with Aubrey Marcus about starting Onnit on Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he taps into his creativity and builds a multi-million dollar business.

Elevator Pitch (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

About ENTREPRENEUR ELEVATOR PITCHEntrepreneurs have 60 seconds to present a business idea to a board of investors.

Episode 704: Some are seasoned professionals who have already built and sold businesses, while others haven’t completed their first product yet. One trait they all share in common, however, is not being shy about asking bold questions.

Mindvalley Talks (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

MINDVALLEY CONVERSATIONS brings you the best personal growth video content from the brightest minds on the planet.

Episode 105: “The biggest lie we’re ever told or sold in our lives and businesses is that we have to be serious to succeed.”

Cooking with Cohen (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

COOKING WITH COHEN host Jennifer Cohen has been in the health and fitness world for a while now, but she’s never had a cooking show like this one before.

Episode 103: Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules is here this week to show us some recipes from his new book, Fancy AF Cocktails!

Celebrity Business Tips (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

BUSINESS TIPS FROM CELEBRITIES features actors, athletes and entrepreneurs as they share their best business tips to help you get started and find success with a little humor and heart.

Episode 101: Actors, athletes and entrepreneurs share their best business tips to help you get started and find success, with a little humor and heart.

My Stories (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

MY HISTORIES The life stories of Roshan Brown, former D1 basketball player.

Episode 101: This moment in my life opened my eyes and set me on the path I’m on now. Your current situation is not your destiny. Always keep fighting for more!

Unfiltered (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

NOT FILTERED with Jessica Abo opens the curtain to having frank conversations with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Episode 102: Founders of companies like HeyMama, Pretty Litter, an event marketing company, and a children’s book author talk to Jessica Abo.

Habits and agitation (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

HABITS AND HUSTLE host Jennifer Cohen brings thought leaders and notable game-changers into thought-provoking conversations, identifying effective techniques and ideas to help listeners increase their physical and mental capabilities.

Episode 151: Amanda Knox is exonerated, NYT bestselling author and writer. We discussed topics like stoic meditation, negative visualizations, and the creative mental exercises she used to get through this hellish period in her life. It’s really impressive to hear Amanda’s ability to try to empathize with the people who have wronged her and the professional way in which she carries herself, especially after having every reason to be resentful.

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