Up to $2 million in grants available for dairy businesses, daycare and more

Certain small business grant programs are available for various types of businesses in a specific area. Others target businesses in a specific industry. This week, grant opportunities launched specifically to help dairy companies and childcare providers. And even more programs are available to support companies in any industry. Read about these recent small business grant updates below.

Fresno State Dairy Concessions

Fresno State is offering dairy and dairy subsidies throughout Central California. The program is part of a recent initiative the school initiated after receiving $23 million in funding from the USDA. About half of these funds are to be distributed as grants and the other half can be used to provide consultancy and training to dairy companies. The aim is to help dairies and dairies to diversify their products by creating new options such as choice and yogurt. Grants can be up to $2 million and February 28th is the deadline to apply.

Missouri Childcare Innovation Startup Grants

Missouri is providing grants to child care providers and those looking to start day care businesses across the state. Businesses and daycare centers should work with community partners to increase access to childcare throughout the community. Grants also require matching funds or in-kind contributions from other sources. Three state licensing specifications are also required, including completion of an initial inspection, day care licensing, and a post-licensing inspection. May 31st is the deadline to apply.

Ashland Chamber of Commerce Mini Grant Program

The Ashland Chamber of Commerce in Ashland County, Ohio is launching a new program to provide mini-gifts to members. The opportunity is open to chamber companies that have been operating for less than two years and have 25 or fewer employees. Grants can provide up to $2,500 in matching funds to help cover various interior or exterior improvements. Interested companies have until February 28 to apply. A committee will review applications and select companies to be interviewed. Recipients must receive notification by March 31st.

PECO Natural Gas Concession Program for Small Businesses

PECO Energy Company in Philadelphia is offering concessions to small business customers to cover a portion of their natural gas bills. The program includes a total of $450,000, which will be awarded in $500 increments to 900 local small business customers with overdue balances. To qualify, companies must be on the PECO commercial gas rate and have fewer than 25 employees in total. Subsidies will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis and will be applied directly to each customer’s account.

Nye County ARPA Small Business Grant Program

Nye County, Nevada is about to reopen applications for the American Rescue Plan Act Small Business Grant program. So far, more than a dozen companies are ready to receive reimbursement funds for COVID-related expenses. And the next round of funding is set to start March 1st through April 14th. If funds are still available after that time, the county says a third application period will become available.

Chester County New Business Champions Program

Chester County, Pennsylvania recently opened the application period for its annual New Business Champions program. The program provides up to $2,500 in professional services to local businesses. Options may include business plan development, accounting, and HR training, among others. Companies can apply online or even nominate other companies across the county. The deadline to apply for the program is February 28th.

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