‘Too early access for early access’ – players react to Kerbal Space Program 2 release

After a delay of nearly three years, Kerbal Space Program 2 has finally arrived. Well some of them. Just like the original spaceflight simulator, the sequel has been released in Steam early access, with ambitious plans to build on its basic sandbox. Colonies, interstellar travel, and multiplayer are coming eventually, adding features that don’t exist in Kerbal Space Program. But with none of these features at launch, fans of the original game are questioning whether it makes sense to start playing Kerbal Space Program 2 just yet.

A “no” to that question was the conclusion of our own launch impressions. “Without the skeleton of a campaign or progression present, Kerbal Space Program 2 can often feel like it’s in the middle of an ocean, clinging to a piece of wood,” we wrote. “It’s got depth you can drown in, but there’s no easy way to navigate it without the (supposed) support of your community.”

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