The Sims 4 Growing Together gameplay features revealed in new trailer

the Sims 4 revealed gameplay features for upcoming expansion pack Growing Together in a new trailer.

The upcoming expansion promises to enhance the familiar gameplay in significant ways, and this latest promo – which can be seen below and centered around the new family, the Michaelsons – offers a preview of what Simmers can expect.

Big new features include social compatibility and family dynamics:

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Family dynamics determine the type of relationship two family members share, with options including ‘Close’, ‘Far’, ‘Difficult’ and ‘Jokesters’.

Different dynamics result in different ways that family members interact with one another, and this will potentially lead to more nuanced family relationships. In theory, you will be able to decide how close two siblings are and whether or not the spouse has a strained relationship with the in-laws.


Meanwhile, social compatibility determines the natural chemistry two Sims share. A good compatibility will make Sims click and get along easily, while a bad compatibility will make them more likely to clash.

Likes and dislikes have a say – if Sims have similar interests, they’re more likely to be compatible.

the sims 4 growing up together trailer


At the same time, new milestones will be added that will mark a Sim’s growth – from falling in love as an adult to losing teeth as a child.

Visits from the in-laws are also shown in the trailer. The promo features a grandparent showing up for a “temporary stay” and seeing his grandchildren, though full details of how this new feature will work have yet to be revealed.

the sims 4 growing up together trailer


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In fact, it looks like this is all just a glimpse of what’s in the new expansion. SimGuruNova said at twitter upon the trailer’s release, there is “a lot more in the package”, with “a few other features tucked away in there that you guys might not have noticed initially”.

We also didn’t get a full look at the expansion world, San Sequoia, and the new neighborhoods.

Growing TogetherNext month’s release will coincide with a major free update that will add the infant life stage to the game for free – and the trailer shows gameplay for some babies and how the new life stage works with the expansion’s new systems.

The Sims 4 Growing Together launches for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S on March 16.

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