Diablo IV is the perfect empty head, deadly shit game

diablo is one of those games that you’ve definitely played – even if you haven’t. It’s so influential in its design, from its RPG mechanics to its loot and progression systems, that the franchise has its demonic horns stabbed in countless other video games. Borders It is Destiny for hades It is Fantasy Star Online. … Read more

5 retro video games that endure even without the nostalgia

I spent most of my childhood obsessed with free dress up games and Cross between animals so now when i play something that someone older than me swears is the best game ever, I feel like I’ve already lost its magic. It can be hard to swallow outdated plot points and old polygons when modern … Read more

Co-creator of The Last of Us in the studio’s next game after the show

With a hugely successful television adaptation, The last of us it did the unthinkable and proved that it’s possible to make a good show based on a video game. Add to this the recent remake of the first game breaking sales recordsand sure enough, you might be thinking, that boost will lead to another single … Read more

Answering the Big Questions About the Resident Evil 4 Remake on the Internet

Image: capcom We’re less than two weeks away from playing Capcom’s glorious repaint of their iconic third-person shooter, resident Evil 4originally released in 2005. While excited inquiries on sites like Reddit, Quora, and Twitter suggest that the remake is still operating in the mysterious shadows, we know a lot for sure. we have accumulated movie … Read more

Hands-on with Japanese horror game fans who’ve been waiting 15 years

Image: Koei Tecmo An updated version of the 2008 survival horror Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask hits PCs and consoles tomorrow and puts it in the palm of the non-Japanese world for the first time, bringing with it the first official English translation and a supposedly refined player experience. This must be a great event … Read more

How to Get Destiny 2’s Newest Secret Exotic: Vexcalibur

Image: bungie destiny 2 newest expansion revealed its first big secret on Tuesday. After the game’s weekly rest, players discovered clues in the European Dead Zone leading to a new exotic quest. I finished it earlier today and can confirm it is a certified banger. spoiler warning: As with all new Destiny 2 secrets, this … Read more

The 4 Scariest Video Games You Should Play Right Now

Image: red barrels There are different types of “scary” things. There’s what I would call a “spooky haunted house”, anything that immediately elicits a high-pitched scream, like a plate falling to the kitchen floor, which you forget about as soon as it’s over – you pick up the pieces and move on. There is “Scary … Read more

The hated Minecraft Steve has been banned from competitive Smash Bros.

Image: nintendo Steve from Minecraft was added to Super Smash Bros. ultimate in October 2020. In subsequent years, sentiment surrounding the character it got worse and worse due to accusations that the character is broken and overpowered. Now, a recent discovery about a competitively advantageous flaw has brought those conversations back into the spotlight. Now … Read more

Why are video games so afraid to recreate everyday life?

Print Screen: Sega | kotaku Take a look at your Steam library, flip through the spines of your PlayStation collection or look at the shelf with all your Xbox games and count for yourself: how many games are there in the world you live in? i’m not talking about call to action, which puts dates … Read more

Everything announced for Pokémon Day, from games to Netflix

Print Screen: Nintendo / Kotaku Don’t worry if you overslept The big pokemon Live Stream of the Day: We’re reporting on everything you could ever need to know. The Pokémon Company has announced updates for what appears to be all ongoing games in its portfolio (including DLC ​​for Scarlet It is violet), a new Netflix … Read more