Primary school teacher ‘murdered cheating partner and buried his body in garden’

A primary school teacher murdered her unfaithful partner and buried his body in the garden after telling the principal she had Covid-19 and needed to self-isolate for 10 days, a court has said. Fiona Beal, 49, who was a sixth-grade teacher at a school in Northampton, is accused of plotting to kill Nicholas Billingham, her … Read more

Britain has ‘a lot to learn’ from Sweden’s approach to Covid rules

Jeremy Hunt said Britain had “a lot to learn” from Sweden’s decision not to impose a mandatory Covid lockdown. The Chancellor recognized that the Scandinavian country achieved a similar result to the United Kingdom without having to resort to draconian rules. During the pandemic, Stockholm has maintained a voluntary approach to restrictions, relying on people … Read more

Trans harassment conviction of Christian preacher overturned

An evangelical Christian preacher who was found guilty of harassing a trans woman by repeatedly referring to her as a “man” and a “gentleman” while addressing the public has had his conviction overturned. Farrah Munir, 19, told a Leeds Crown Court on Thursday how she was “emotionally distraught” by David McConnell as he preached in … Read more

Ofsted boss warning about explicit sex education classes

Children are being given sex education lessons that “have no basis in any reputable scientific biological explanation”, warned the head of schools’ governing body, Ofsted. Pupils at some secondary schools have been told that there are 100 genders, while children are learning gender fluidity as fact at some of the top academies and charter schools, … Read more

Wayne Couzens convicted of exposing himself to cyclist on duty

Presenting the details of the first of the offences, Tom Little KC said: “On the afternoon of November 13th [complainant 1] was cycling along the Ringwould Road. It’s a narrow, secluded country lane in Kent. It runs approximately parallel and about two miles inland from the Kent coast between Deal and Dover. “It is just … Read more

Matt Hancock hoped the Covid crisis would do it

Goodnight. The Lockdown Archives reveal that Matt Hancock shared a memo from a “wise friend” about how his career could be propelled “into the next league” by the pandemic in January 2020, shortly after China’s first cases of Covid emerged. We have analysis and reaction to the latest revelations. Matt Hancock praised his own photos … Read more

Pedestrian with cerebral palsy and visually impaired arrested for killing cyclist

A visually impaired and visually impaired pedestrian has been sentenced to three years in prison for the death of a cyclist she yelled at to get off the sidewalk. Auriol Gray, 49, gestured “hostile and aggressive” to retired midwife Celia Ward, 77, heard a court hearing. CCTV footage recorded Ms. Gray yelling “Get off the … Read more

Parents who killed daughter with ‘shocking and prolonged negligence’ had no remorse, judge says

A mother and father who killed their morbidly obese daughter with “shocking and prolonged negligence during lockdown” have been arrested after a judge said they had no remorse. Kaylea Titford, 16, was found in conditions described as “unfit for any animal”, with soiled clothes and bedding, following her death at the family home in Newtown, … Read more

Most drivers think aggressive cyclists are a threat to their safety

A majority of drivers believe aggressive cyclists are a threat to their safety, new research has shown, with many believing the problem is getting worse. In the survey of 2010 drivers, 65% of respondents said aggressive cyclists are a threat to their safety, while 60% said the problem is worse than three years ago. This … Read more

Suspended gas and air in some maternity hospitals

Pregnant women will have a harder time getting gas to relieve pain as hospitals suspend its use over concerns for the safety of midwives. A hospital in Essex has become one of the last to ban pregnant women from inhaling nitrous oxide for fear that medical staff will be exposed to high levels for prolonged … Read more