Elizabeth Banks Talks Skin Care, Aging, and Brow Bleaching (Before It Was Cool)

Say hello to Unfiltered, a new beauty series where you’ll get an exclusive look at the stylish beauty routines of our favorite celebrities and content creators. They’ll reveal their guilty pleasure beauty practices, the lineup of five-minute routine products they can’t live without, the one good-skin tip they’ll be forever grateful for, and much more. … Read more

Nyakio Grieco wants all skin to be seen and cared for

As an 18-year-old businessman at the time, I thought, Is that what it took for me to land on the map? Yes, I’ve had some happy moments and important wins with Nyakio, but I’ve also had some brutally challenging moments of not feeling seen and supported. I’ve always been the little niche brand owned by … Read more

Klur Founder Lesley Thornton Shares Her Story

I would love to start by talking about your experience as an esthetician and why you decided to create your own brand. I became a licensed esthetician in 2010 – which was over a decade ago. When serving customers, I basically couldn’t find the products I needed because I had so many customers with different … Read more

I tried skincare brand celebrities like Kaia Gerber and January Jones Love

I love learning about celebrities’ favorite skincare products because when you think about it, celebrities have access to the best of the best. They can afford an impossible number of brands and products. When they genuinely support one of them, it’s meaningful and I can hope it delivers real, visible results. When multiple celebrities endorse … Read more