Sons of the Forest is the funniest video game on the internet right now

It dawned on me this week, moments after I gnawed off the crusty arm of a guy who tried to kill me, that Sons of the Forest, the hardcore survival sim that currently dominates Steam. (opens in new tab), is a deeply funny game. Not so much because of the cannibalism part (although I laughed the first time I roasted a human limb for 12 seconds and then ate it whole), but because I turned around to find my trusty but fumbling NPC companion Kelvin ankle-deep in a pond, staring into the water. He was trying to pull fish out of the pond with his bare handssomething I asked him to do about 15 minutes before and then quickly forgot about.

I felt bad, because Kelvin was clearly so desperate to please me that he wasn’t going to let his lack of a fishing rod, hooks, bait or fish trap work. (opens in new tab) prevent him from completing my arbitrary task. I was about to give him a well-deserved pat on the back when I tripped over a fish. No, it’s not a fish. There were 13 fish. A dozen trout piled haphazardly behind Kelvin, who presumably didn’t have time to organize them because he’d just pulled another one out of the water. Kelvin is a fishing god! Of course he is! This game is so dumb. I like that.

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