Someone threw at least $100,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards into a landfill

Last weekend, a Reddit user named LATIN0 posted an image of what they estimate to be six pallets of Magic: The Gathering cards. (opens in new tab)s that had been dumped in your local landfill. What would be a treasure for a dedicated gamer was taken as a curiosity by LATIN0, who only knew the game existed after a decade of using Reddit. So they took a picture, threw out the trash and moved on with their lives. They later posted the quirky photo on Reddit along with a few more photos. (opens in new tab) of open closed packages.

All without knowing that the retail value of these pallets and boxes was, on a conservative trend, something on the order of $100,000. Depending on the content, however, this could easily have been over $250,000 worth of MTG cards, containing a mix of Secret Lair, Modern Horizons 2, and Unfinity cards from 2019 through late 2022. That higher number is more of the valuable cards like Modern Horizons, which cost almost twice the price of a normal MTG pack, or the best Secret Lair cards were present. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now – you can’t pick things up from a landfill, so almost all the cards were left there by LATIN0 and his co-workers.

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