Sir Keir Starmer lays out Labour’s plan to secure the highest growth in the G7 as he asks voters to judge the party by supporting him | policy news

Sir Keir Starmer laid out a blueprint for ensuring the most sustained growth in the G7 by asking voters to judge whether they feel better after five years of Labor rule.

O Work The leader unveiled his party’s economic mission to the City of London on Monday morning, where he said growth “depends on stability and position – global position”.

He said these fundamental facets had been “undeniably hit” by 12 years of Conservative rule as he pledged “not to be anti-business”.

And he said Labour’s growth plan was “the only gig in town” for the UK to return to being a “rock of economic stability”.

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Outlining the new plan, sir keir said: “From chaos to certainty. From accumulated potential to unlocking power in every community. From backwardness to leadership – in science, technology, green growth and the opportunities of tomorrow.

“A job market moving from too many insecure jobs to good work for everyone.

“And a Britain that is resilient to global shocks and open to global trade.”

Brandishing his mission document, he added: “So – here in this document – the mission: to ensure the most sustained growth in the G7.

“A measurable target. An invitation for the British people to judge us if they feel better after five years of Labor government.”

Sir Keir said Labor wants to ensure the UK has the highest sustained growth in the G7

Sir Keir has said that the UK economy will soon be overtaken by Poland, something he is not prepared to accept as he has insisted that the UK economy needs its new economic model.

And without a “proper long-term growth plan”, he said wages and living standards cannot go up – something he wants.

“Britain needs certainty yes, but also changes and this is my real ambition, the goal that fires my imagination,” he said.

“A new model of economic growth, growth from the bottom up.

“Where wealth is created everywhere, by everyone, for everyone.”

The Labor leader sought to distance himself from the Conservatives by saying his party would encourage a “genuine partnership” between the state and the free market “working in the national interest”.

“I don’t want a Britain where young people, in our big cities and towns, have no choice but to leave,” he said.

“A brain drain – not just to London or Edinburgh, but to Lyon, Munich and Warsaw.

“This is not the future our country deserves.”

He also claimed that if the Conservative government had the same growth as the previous Labor government, the UK would be “£40 billion better off without raising taxes”, as he dismissed claims that Brexit is the reason growth it’s not happening.

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Brexit deal in Northern Ireland

Speaking of the day A new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland is expected to be announcedSir Keir reiterated that Labor would support a new deal.

He said “a fixed Brexit deal” was needed, adding: “A redefined relationship with the EU, with the whole country, not just Northern Ireland.”

But he said Sunak’s biggest fight will be selling a new deal to his lawmakers, some of whom are not happy.

Sir Keir added: “A lot of people will be frustrated because this is the cycle we’ve been stuck in for a long, long time and it’s not something you would have with a Labor government because we don’t have these divisions in our party. on that matter.”

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