Pre-registration now open on the GameFi DeHeroGame app

NFT adventures in a multi-universe setting have started to gain popularity in recent years, coinciding with the popularity of NFTs in general. These games and projects allow users to explore different digital worlds and collect unique NFTs along the way. Among these projects, DeHeroGame is one of the pioneers of GameFi 2.0 through NFT adventures within a multiverse game. But what is it about? Let’s find out.

DeHeroGame (DHG) can best be described as a blockchain game published by MixMarvel with multiversal heroic fighting in the background. It is Rangers’ first mainnet gaming app. With over 100 heroes available in the form of NFTs, players face each other in PVP and PVE dungeon challenges. They can get FT and NFTs as rewards. It is known for providing exciting gaming experience, cross asset chains, super low gas fees and provides Web2 compliant solutions.

DeHeroGame opens pre-registration at

According to DeHeroGame, the project has opened pre-registration through the booking function on Registering via the reserve function will give users seven days of three limited blue quality NFT Hero Cards, a seven-day VIP Experience Card and 30 C-COIN tokens.

Users can register in two ways – Web3 users can use a MetaMask login to login, while Web2 users can register using the “Account Login” function with an email account. They receive a UniPass non-custodial wallet. This is made possible through DeHeroGame’s partnership with UniPass, which is a smart contract wallet solution.

All about DeHeroGame (DHG)

DeHeroGame allows players to randomly obtain NFT cards from in-game heroes. Old game users can transfer their Hero NFT cards from the BSC chain to the Rangers chain using the transfer function. They can then place them directly into battle.

New users can buy Hero NFT cards directly from the market on DeHeroGame. Users can also use the Card Rental function or start the game by renting cards from the rental market.

In order to get NFT cards from heroes in the game, players can also buy blind box NFT card packs, pledge FT assets and provide liquidity.

Each hero card belongs to one of six quality levels. From bottom to top, they are white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. The higher the quality of the card, the greater the corresponding combat power of the NFT hero card.

After players get their NFT cards, they can participate in a variety of activities, including card mining, improving mining efficiency, formulating mining strategies based on game rules, and generating more game revenue.

AMG is the project’s governance token with a total supply of 100,000,000. $AMG can be used for in-game NFT progression, special event vouchers, voting, and monthly membership subscriptions.

In addition to buying it from trades, loyal and advanced users can receive AMG as a reward. The AMG can also be used to decide the game’s revenue distribution model and to determine the development of the game’s worldline.

What did DeHeroGame plan next?

DeHeroGame has future plans to allow Web2 users to access fiat-crypto purchases through the game’s on/off-ramp solution. DeHeroGame users can play the game for free if they use the UniPass login method. The game covers your gas fees. They receive the necessary NFTs by registering in the booking function.

The opening of the booking function represents a groundbreaking moment for Web3 games as it bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3. At the time of writing, the total number of users registered through the reservation function is 7,749. The AMG token was recently listed on the MEXC exchange on the 23rdthird of February.

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