Prada Fall/Winter 2023 at Milan Fashion Week

Miuccia prada and Raf Simons did it again. Working together to create cohesive collections that propel Prada into the future, the duo redefined the standard Prada uniform with subtle flair, luxury and exquisite craftsmanship that speak for themselves. For autumn/winter 2023, the Italian fashion house welcomed guests with open arms at its Milan headquarters and created anticipation with a hefty 560-page photo book that served as invitations to the show.

Entitled “Recycling Beauty,” the showcase continued to reassess Prada’s identity for the next generation of fashion lovers, presenting an elevated view of the formal wardrobe. As the star-studded parade began, loud drums vibrated the floor as bright orange pillars sank to reveal flower arrangements in bloom. The techno melodies quickly shifted to Strauss Waltz’s 1866 symphony, “The Blue Danube,” which filled the room with dynamic energy.

The first look on the runway set the tone for what followed, examining societal gender norms with a new perspective on natural beauty. The previous one arrived with delicate cashmere knitwear and a lace maxi skirt embroidered with delicate paper flowers. Next, the collection saw masculine and feminine energies collide through oversized suede suits, silk buttons and tight pants. Tailored dresses boasted twisted ties and utilitarian detailing on the shoulders, while wool variations landed in soft pastels. Global figures also graced the runway, including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who donned cozy trench coats and matching pants in shades of gray and brown.

Elsewhere, unisex suits grew exaggerated lapels that flourished over standard blazer collars open to reveal the beauty of the human form, while pebbled leather ensembles oozed sassy attitude. Prada sought to innovate along the way, presenting cropped jackets and puffy skirts for the cold weather. Military-inspired looks donned quad-flap pockets, while others arrived as nylon parkas in shades of military green. Blurred graphics rounded out the offering, adorning a luxurious range of formal wear with distorted circular trim.

Take a look at Prada’s FW23 collection in the gallery above.

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