Pikmin Bloom sprouts clover decoration at upcoming St. Patrick’s Day event

Image: Niantic

Niantic has announced that this year’s St. Patrick’s Day event in Pikmin Bloom will be all about Clover Decor. Yep, that means you can grow Pikmin with clovers on their heads (four-leaf if you’re lucky) and start celebrating all things green March 1, 2023.

The event is being split into two different parts this year, with the first section consisting of 30 different quests that you’ll need to complete to get your virtual hands on a pack of Gold Seedlings (required for growing red, yellow, blue, purple, white, winged or rock Clover Decor Pikmin). These Clover Pikmin will be important for the second part of the event, so you’ll want to prepare as many of them as possible in the first few days.

To learn more about each of these quests, check out the following list and a note from Niantic:

Part 1 Event Quests

Quest 1: Plant 1500 yellow flowers

Quest 2: Plant 1500 red flowers

Mission 3: Defeat 5 Mushrooms★

Quest 4: Plant 1500 blue flowers

Quest 5: Plant 1500 white flowers

Mission 6: Defeat 5 Mushrooms★

Quest 7: Plant 1500 wind flowers

Mission 8: Plant 4,000 flowers

Mission 9: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 10: Plant 2000 yellow flowers

Mission 11: Plant 2000 red flowers

Mission 12: Defeat 5 Mushrooms★

Mission 13: Plant 2000 blue flowers

Quest 14: Plant 2,000 blue windflowers

Mission 15: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 16: Plant 3,000 white flowers

Quest 17: Plant 2000 white windflowers

Mission 18: Defeat 5 Mushrooms★

Mission 19: Plant 3,000 yellow flowers

Quest 20: Plant 2,000 yellow windflowers

Mission 21: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 22: Plant 3,000 red flowers

Mission 23: Plant 2000 red flowers

Mission 24: Defeat 5 Mushrooms★

Mission 25: Plant 3,000 blue flowers

Quest 26: Plant 2,000 blue windflowers

Mission 27: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 28: Plant 5,000 flowers

Mission 29: Plant 3,000 wind flowers

Mission 30: Defeat 5 Mushrooms★

– Every three quests you will receive a golden seedling that will become a Four Leaf Clover Decorative Pikmin (See quests marked with a ★)
– Quests for part 1 of the event will be available from Wednesday, March 1st until the end of the event on Friday, March 31st.
– All postcards your Pikmin bring back from expeditions during the event will have a St. Patrick’s Day design.
– The store will be stocked with Mii outfits perfect for St. Patrick’s Day during the event. Be sure to wear green and join the party! (You can use coins to redeem Mii Costumes until March 31st)

The second part of the St Patrick’s Day event will begin in March 17th and it will see you using your Clover Pikmin to take on a series of green mushrooms that will bloom all over the map. The reward for fighting off the fungus is even more golden seedlings, so the chances of a four-leaf Pikmin flowering are even higher.

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