Mike Tyson talks about Fury and predicts he will be “champion for a long time”

Per Carlos Brun: Boxer great Mike Tyson was praising WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury this week, predicting the 34-year-old will be champion for a “a long time.

Interestingly, former heavyweight champion ‘Iron’ Mike says that Fury has repeatedly proven that “He is the best.

That statement is hard to swallow, because if you look at Fury’s 15-year professional resume, the only two names on it are 39-year-old Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder, who he probably should have lost twice by knockout. in his first and third fights.

Wladimir was nowhere near the fighter he once was when Fury fought him in 2015, and even then, he barely beat him. Fury ran around the ring the entire time, making the fight painfully boring to watch.

Wilder clearly knocked Fury out in their first fight in 2018 and third in 2021, with what many fans saw as a slow count by the referee after Tyson was down twice in the fourth round.

Tyson proclaims Fury as “the best”

“Tyson Fury has repeatedly proven that he is the best,” Mike Tyson told talkSPORT Boxing. “I respect Deontay Wilder and Oleksandr Usyk, but who do I respect more?

“Tyson Fury is the champion, he is the current champion and he will be the champion for a long time if he so chooses. That’s the way it is, unless you get a new guy.

“Joe Joyce is a tough, tough guy, but he’s not going to do this (displace Tyson Fury from his throne). Nobody around can do it yet. I don’t think anyone is too small (to defeat Fury).”

Fury obviously didn’t fight the best, and when he got the chance to fight Anthony Joshua, he probably ruined the negotiations setting two bizarre and self-defeating deadlines.

When you look at the two deadlines Fury set for Joshua’s fight, you’d believe he NEVER wanted to fight him because he didn’t set the same deadlines for his two fights against Britons Dillian Whyte and Derek Chisora.

Will Fury wreck the Usyk talks?

I just don’t think Tyson is going to do what Anthony Joshua (made by boxing Usyk). I think he’s going to put a lot of pressure on him (Usyk),” Tyson said.

Now, it looks like Fury has ruined the Oleksandr Usyk negotiations by asking the Saudis for a lot of money and wanting to be the A-side. Again, if Fury isn’t fighting the best competition, how the hell can you say he’s proven “he’s the best?” ”

Tyson says that Oleksandr Usyk and Joe Joyce, two fighters that some people believe will defeat Fury, won’t be able to do the job. Mike feels that Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) will defeat both of them.

What Tyson, 56, doesn’t mention is that Fury might not fight any of those guys who, like he became more and more difficult to deal with since his two wins over former WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

If Fury can’t negotiate fights with his toughest competition and the biggest names, what Tyson says about him doesn’t make sense. He’s not the best. He’s just another example of a fighter who has carefully circumvented the biggest threats to his reign in the division and has been racking up wins over weak opponents.

Sadly, gullible Fury fans, who don’t know better for lack of knowledge about his careful matching, believe he’s up against the best. It’s kind of pathetic when you think about it, but the way the sport is run these days.

Imperfect fighters are maneuvered like chess pieces and stayed away from quality opposition to build fake records to help them make money.

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