How to get Gimmighoul, Gholdengo and the Coin Bag in Pokemon Go

pokemon go now officially has Gimmighoul and Gholdengo, though you’ll need a bit of luck or a copy of scarlet pokemon It is violet to get it.

gimmighoul works similarly to Meltan; you will need to connect your pokemon go to your Nintendo Switch, trade some items and use the bag of coins (which works like an incense) to attract the Roaming Gimmighoul Form.

Below we explain how to get Gimmighoul using various methods.

How to Connect Scarlet and Violet to Pokémon Go

Before you can get your Coin Bag, you will need to connect your pokemon go account for your Scarlet It is violet game.

  1. Open the Poké Portal at Scarlet/Violet.
  2. Select “Mystery Gift” from the menu.
  3. Select “Connect to pokemon go” from this menu.
  4. Go to your settings in pokemon go and scroll to the bottom and tap on “Nintendo Switch”.
  5. Select “Pair with a pokemon go account” in Scarlet/Violet.
  6. It should prompt you to connect with your pokemon go account, stating your account name. Choose Connect.

How to get Gimmighul using the Coin Bag in Pokemon Go

Image: Niantic via Polygon

  1. Make sure your accounts are connected as shown above.
  2. Open the Mystery Gift through the Poké Portal at Scarlet/Violet and select “Connect to pokemon go” twice. (It’s an option in two menus.)
  3. Open your postcard book at pokemon go (below your trainer level, your main profile page).
  4. Select a postcard and click on the three-line menu. Select “Send to Nintendo Switch”.
  5. Wait for your Switch to receive the postcard as a mysterious gift.
  6. After sending the postcard, use your Coin Bag pokemon go inventory.
  7. Collect as many Gimmighoul as you can for 30 minutes.

How to get Gimmighul in Pokemon Go without Scarlet and Violet

Until now, the only way to get a Gimmighoul (without Scarlet/Violet) is for head to a PokéStop that has been turned to gold using a Golden Lure Module.

Very lucky players will be able to find Gimmighoul at Golden PokéStops, but note that it can’t just be a normal randomly created golden PokéStop; he needs the Golden Lure Module.

In the future, it’s also possible that there will be a set of Special Research Tasks that can reward a Gimmighoul or two, much like they did with Meltan.

How to Evolve Gimmighoul to Gholdengo with Gimmighoul Coins

Gimmighoul does not use candy to evolve. You will need to find and collect 999 Gimmighoul Coinsjust like in scarlet pokemon It is violet. Catching a Gimmighoul might make it drop some coins, but you’ll mostly need to catch them at the golden PokéStops, which reward them if you spin them.

Once you have the coins, simply select the Gimmighoul evolution for Gholdengo on the Pokémon summary screen.

How to get Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon Go

You get Golden Lure modules by sending multiple postcards to scarlet pokemon It is violet. When you send your first postcard you will receive the Coin Purse, but for subsequent mailings you will receive a Golden Lure Module. If you already have a Golden Lure Module in your inventory, you will receive Gimmighoul Coins.

At the time of writing this, there is no way to get Golden Lure Modules without scarlet pokemon It is violet.

Other tips for Gimmighoul and the Coin Bag in Pokémon Go

  • You cannot use the Coin Bag while you have other Incense items activated (including the Meltan Mystery Box).
  • The Coin Bag can only be used once a day.
  • Wandering Form Gimmighoul is only available in pokemon go. Once Pokémon Home support starts for scarlet pokemon It is violetyou can download this version of Go for Scarlet It is violet.
  • The Gimmighoul Chest Shape is not available in pokemon go (yet).
  • At launch, the in-game store is gifting all players with nine free Gimmighoul Coins for a limited time.

Good luck with your Gimmighoul hunt!

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