Hollyoaks star Glynis Barber reveals eye-catching props were nearly destroyed

hollyoaks Star Glynis Barber has revealed how an eye-catching new prop was nearly destroyed.

In recent episodes, Barber’s character Norma Crow has added her own design touch to her son Warren Fox’s apartment in the form of an enormous oil portrait of the Fox-Crow family.

Speaking about the painting, Barber said the production considered destroying the artwork based on a photograph of the actors.

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“It’s great, isn’t it?” barber said internal soap. “We posed for a photograph, then they made a painting out of it. It’s so Norma and it sums up your ego and sense of status, it’s there to show the world who you are.

“It makes her seem important, which is a big thing in Norma’s world. There was talk of it being destroyed, but I was really happy when they decided not to. I think it should feature a lot more.”

In the first episode on Friday (March 17th), Norma was involved in a car accident after trying kidnap the children of warrenand her grandchildren, Sophie and Sebastian from her mother Sienna.

Going through a trip to a safari park, Norma planned to kidnap the twins and take them to Honduras for a fresh start away from the village.

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When Sophie realized she had left her beloved toy behind, Warren turned the car around. Realizing they were back in the village, Norma grabbed the steering wheel and made the car crash.

When asked if Norma will survive the accident, Barber said the outcome is up to her son, who will decide whether he wants to save her after her death. last evil scheme.

“Warren has to decide whether to save her or leave. Even if she survives, it could strain his relationship with his mother. I think it would make things very difficult.”

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Select omnibus episodes are available via main video.

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