Hollyoaks spoilers (February 27th to March 2nd)

hollyoaks spoilers to follow.

next week hollyoaksLeah and Charlie are caught for their drug lies, while Warren and Goldie hatch new schemes.

Here’s a complete collection of the biggest moments to come:

1. Leah and Charlie are questioned by the police

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As the investigation into Vicky’s violent spike continues, a secret tip gives Sam and Zoe the evidence they need.

Things don’t look good for Leah and Charlie when they are brought in for questioning.

Amidst Sally’s battle to save her job and school, she comes to Leah and Charlie’s rescue, offering a few kind words, unaware that the Governor is listening too.

2. Felix and Warren clash

Warren Fox in Hollyoaks

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Warren expresses his concern about Felix’s relationship with Mercedes causing tension between them.

When a disturbing discovery delays them, a worried DeMarcus turns to Warren for help.

3. Charlie and Leah’s secret is revealed

Shing Lin Leong, Charlie Dean, Leah Barnes and Demarcus Westwood at the Hollyoaks school protest

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Things heat up between Darren and James as they clash over Charlie and Leah’s involvement in the spiking, leading them to take drastic action.

As the parents gather to discuss the investigation, they all point the blame at each other.

Fed up, an emotional Scott breaks up the group and reveals that he was the tip-off, having overheard a conversation between Charlie and Leah.

As Darren and Nancy struggle to defend Charlie, they accidentally reveal the whole story.

4. Sally Discovers Her Destiny

sally st claire watches as mercedes mcqueen stages a school protest in hollyoaks

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In a meeting with the governor, Sally finally gets an answer about the future of her job.

Sally updates Goldie on her recent layoff and reveals her plan to fight to get her job back while worrying about the rent. However, Goldie isn’t convinced it will work and decides to hatch a plan of her own.

Later, in the schoolyard, Goldie stages a protest alongside Hunter and Mercedes.

5. DeMarcus finds himself in danger

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Felix offers a gift to smooth things over with DeMarcus.

While DeMarcus tries to be a mechanic, a rogue monkey threatens to put his life on the line.

6. Honor takes matters into its own hands

dave and honor chenwilliams

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Honor receives yet another visit from the police asking for details of the party.

She decides to take matters into her own hands and sets up an emergency PTA meeting to set the record straight.

7. New romance for Leela

donnamarie quinn and leela lomax in hollyoaks

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Leela advertises for a new roommate.

Donna-Marie discusses her most recent encounter with Greg, urging Leela to get back in the dating pool as well.

But when Joel arrives looking for a room, will there be sparks between him and Leela?

8. Goldie makes a new plan

goldie mcqueen in hollyoaks

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Penniless, the McQueens debate “creative” ways to make money.

Goldie is soon up to her old tricks and unearths an old relic to aid her scheme.

Goldie’s schemes seem to be paying off when she opens a profitable pop-up store. However, when Prince sends his wares to the wrong villager, he and Goldie are forced to act quickly to get them back.

9. Warren makes a surprise offer to Mercedes

mercedes mcqueen and warren fox in hollyoaks

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At the garage, Felix offers a gift to smooth things over with DeMarcus when he learns of his new relationship.

When a disturbing discovery delays them, a worried DeMarcus turns to Warren for help, so Warren makes Mercedes an attractive offer.

Mercedes tries to protect a friendship by keeping a secret, but accidentally reveals the truth to the wrong person.

10. Rayne and Romeo grow closer

Owen Warner as Romeo Quinn in Hollyoaks

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The villagers celebrate World Book Day and Rayne recruits Romeo to help her with a sponsored social post.

An outburst from Tom caught on camera proves to be just what Rayne needed, but when she’s caught in the act, she’s forced to make a heartfelt confession.

A little push from Lacey later brings her and Romeo closer together.

11. Romeo and Rayne’s relationship changes

Rayne Royce and Juliet Nightingale in Hollyoaks

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Romeo and Rayne later go on five dates in one day as per their ‘engagement rules’.

As things heat up between the two, Rayne decides to break some rules, but chilling scenes suggest something sinister may be brewing for the couple.

12. Tony makes a touching confession

Tony Hutchinson and Diane Hutchinson in Hollyoaks

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Diane’s concern for Tony grows as he trades sleep for productivity and tries to perfect his chicken soup recipe.

Convinced he has something on his mind, Diane convinces Tony to open up and he makes a heartbreaking confession.

13. Nancy gets a surprise offer

nancy osborne in hollyoaks

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A big decision looms over Nancy when she’s offered a new position.

Worried about how she will manage her work-life balance, Nancy must make a decision. What she will do?

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