Endeavor’s Shaun Evans and Roger Allam Reveal If They Would Return for Another Series

Enterprise stars Shaun Evans and Roger Allam revealed whether they would return for another series.

The duo can currently be seen on the small screen in the show’s ninth series, which was confirmed last year to be its last.

Speaking exclusively to digital spythe duo spoke about the prospect of playing Morse and Thursday again in the future.


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“If people say ‘would you come back?’ it’s just because the job meant something to them. That is great. That’s what I want, for the work to mean something,” Evans said.

“Would I go back? Not the answer, because what else is there to say about it? So no – never say never, but that would be highly unlikely.”

Allam added: “If there was a really good script I would certainly consider it, yes definitely. Or Thursday I think he needs to go somewhere far away. He could set himself up as a private detective in Cornwall, and that would be great, isn’t it? Or maybe St Tropez.”

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After the end of the series was announced, Evans reiterated that the time was right for the detective to quit, saying, “It has come to its right end, it really has. People are a part of my life now and always will be, but the story itself is told, I can’t explain it better than that.

“So it doesn’t feel like, ‘Oh, God, we should have gone back and done this,’ or ‘Oh, I feel nostalgic for this.’ I don’t really feel any of that,” he continued. “I feel like we’ve done that and it’s come to its natural conclusion. And I’m satisfied with that.

“I think we all felt – well, I can’t speak for everyone else – but at least the feeling on set was that it was the right time for all of us to call it a day.”

Enterprise airs Sunday nights on ITV and broadcasts on ITVX.

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