Emmerdale Spoilers – Cain makes a decision that changes Kyle’s life

Emmerdale spoilers to follow.

Emmerdale Bad boy Cain Dingle shocks his wife Moira next week by promising to cut off all contact with their son Kyle Winchester.

Cain has fiercely defended his right to be involved in Kyle’s upbringing recently, but that all changes over the next week when he begins to realize that the student might be better off without him.

Last year, Cain’s bitter feud with Al Chapman ended in tragedy when Kyle stepped in and shot Al dead. After Kyle confessed and was released on bail, he was banned from having any contact with Cain prior to court proceedings.

In next week’s episodes, there’s another example of Kyle’s troubling behavior when he ends up in a violent fight with Jimmy King’s son Carl.

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Carl’s stepmother, Nicola King, threatens to call the police on Kyle’s behavior – much to Amy Wyatt’s concern.

United by their concern for their son, Cain and Amy unite and ask Nicola not to involve the police.

Nicola finally agrees, but as Cain listens to her thoughts on the situation, he feels terrible as he realizes that the Emmerdale community blames his poor parents for Kyle’s rampage.

After some serious soul searching, Cain tells Moira that they need to let Kyle go for his own good.


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Cain considers himself a bad influence on Kyle, so he suggests that Amy should have full custody of the boy. He also promises to cut himself out of Kyle’s life completely and proposes that Amy move in with him.

Moira warns Cain that he’s making a mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life, but will Amy see this as her big chance to have Kyle all to herself?

Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain, recently hinted at this story when asked if his character blames himself for the current issues surrounding Kyle.

Jeff said at the time, “I think that’s coming. Right now I don’t think he has that self-awareness. But I think it’s coming.

“As Jeff, I can see that Cain isn’t being particularly reasonable. But in Cain’s mind, he’s just acting on instinct, like he usually does.”

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