Ecoterra: The Recycle2Earn Ecosystem Launches Its First ICO

Ecoterra, a blockchain-based company that encourages recycling, is conducting the first Initial Coin Offering in its official website. The company aims to raise $2,000,000 during the first phase of the token’s pre-sale.

New ways to fight global warming

Ecoterra is a company focused on raising awareness about the irreversible changes to which people are currently contributing through their daily activities and habits.

Air and plastic pollution, food waste, deforestation and ocean acidification are just a few of the environmental issues the world is grappling with today. Each tends to threaten the lives of all.

In the face of current environmental issues, the team behind ecoterra has a remarkable common goal: to encourage recycling to combat global warming and climate change. For this, the company has developed several projects with the aim of encouraging users to recycle.

Ecoterra is currently holding its first ICO, organizing phase 1 of the pre-sale of the ECOTERRA token, during which the company aims to raise $2,000,000.

Encouraging recycling in an innovative way

One of the main projects developed by ecoterra is Recycle2Earn, an all-in-one application with recycling sheets and ecological actions. Those interested can use the ecoterra app to scan plastic and glass bottles, as well as aluminum can barcodes.

Furthermore, the app allows users to digitize their electricity bills to earn ECOTERRA in green energy production technology. The artificial intelligence database developed by ecoterra will automatically match the scans.

Users can then recycle and upload their RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) receipts to earn ECOTERRA tokens. You can then use ECOTERRA to gamble or donate to various sustainability activities. For example, you can donate to clean up a beach in Costa Rica.

Ecoterra users can receive points based on their recycling activities, and all information about their progress will be displayed in the “Impact Profile” section. Companies can also partner with ecoterra to encourage users to recycle. In this way, ecoterra, together with its partners, can impact the evolution of climate change.

Another major project developed by ecoterra is the recycled materials marketplace. There, users can connect with worldwide companies to purchase various recycled materials. They can pay for the products with ECOTERRA tokens, various cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

The team behind ecoterra has made sure that every project launched can positively impact the environment so that, together with a number of encouraged users and various companies worldwide, they can reduce the effects of global warming and climate change.

The carbon offset market is another resource that ecoterra is currently working on. In this marketplace, users will be able to purchase carbon offsets directly through the app. The carbon offset will be fully verified thanks to one of ecoterra’s partners, VERA.

Like the other two projects mentioned, Recycle2Earn and the recycled materials market, users’ carbon offset market activity will be displayed in their Impact Profile.

Ecoterra is currently preparing its app to allow user registration. In this way, they will soon be able to recycle through the Recycle2Earn feature, thus earning ECOTERRA tokens.

To know more

If you want to know more about ecoterra, pre-selling the ECOTERRA token, Recycle2Earn and the recycled materials or carbon offset markets, you can check out the official website, as well as connecting with the company on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Medium.

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