EA is asking fans if they would like Dead Space 2 or 3 remakes

A recent survey of AND THE is strongly hinting that it’s ready for a remake of Dead Space 2 It is 3 – you just have to say you want them.

As of tomorrow (February 27), a full month has passed since the release of the Dead Space remake, and EA is already asking gamers how they feel about the remakes of the second and third games. Earlier this week, a survey sent out by EA asked some questions that weren’t so subtle: “How interested would you be in a similar remake of Dead Space 2?” or “Dead Space 3?” The obvious answer for any fan of the series is yes, but keep in mind that this is just a casual search, not a legally binding contract.

We still don’t have exact sales figures for the Dead Space remake, but it was number one in boxed sales during its release week. On the other hand, it apparently sold less than half of what The Callisto Protocol did in its first week (an important comparison, considering the latter was led by the original Dead Space director, and the two are very similar games). While it’s also important to note that The Callisto Protocol came out in December, a busy season for game sales thanks to Christmas, and was generally cheaper than the Dead Space remake, so there are a lot of factors at play.

The biggest problem with Callisto Protocol was that it didn’t meet sales expectations by quite a large margin, but we don’t know what expectations were for Dead Space Remake. It’s entirely possible that the game is holding up as well as EA could hope. Either way, it’s obvious that it’s intended to further revitalize the franchise, assuming everyone who received the survey made it clear that they want more games.

On ResetEra, some fans appear to be ready for remakes of 2 and 3, with one stating that they “would rather have a whole new game”, with other fans expressing similar sentiments. Others stated that they wished Motive, the remake’s developers, would give it another try at 3, the game generally seen as the worst of the trilogy. If a remake of 3 ends up happening, it’s probably a long way off, so don’t save your money just yet.

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