Drop Spoilers for March 4th

Accident spoilers to follow.

next week AccidentJacob clashes with Robyn and Marty, while Dylan makes a harrowing discovery and Stevie tries to build bridges with Faith.

Here’s a complete collection of the biggest moments to come:

1. Jacob struggles to assert control


Jacob is counting on boosting morale in the ED, but it goes unnoticed, leaving him feeling defeated.

When Robyn asks Jacob if she can leave early, Jacob is annoyed and immediately declines.

Noticing that Robyn seems to be more interested in caring for patients than emptying beds, Jacob later loses his temper with her.

2. Rash gets a shock

masum rash, accident


Ashok’s caregiver, Greg, arrives at the ER with a stab wound to his arm and chest.

As Rash treats Greg, it quickly becomes apparent that a visibly distressed Ashok was responsible for his injuries.

When asked by Rash what happened, Greg turns the tables and insists that no one can be watched 24/7.

3. Jacob and Robyn clash

robyn, victim


Max later praises Robyn for her hard work, but Jacob doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Despite her concerns, Jacob approaches Robyn and tells her that she can leave early after all.

Dissatisfied with the gesture, Robyn shoots back and says she was simply trying to do something nice for Marty, who needs to cheer up.

4. Faith refuses to forgive Stevie

cadogan faith, victim


It’s the day of Marcus’s HR hearing and Stevie is feeling nervous. Things get off to a bad start when she is forced to work with Faith, who is still not speaking to her after their falling out.

Wanting to make amends, Stevie tries to reach out to her, but Faith makes it clear that she isn’t ready to forgive and forget just yet.

5. Marty deceives Jacob

marty kirby, victim


Jacob finds Marty trying to make a dentist appointment. Marty recoils when he notices Jacob hovering over him and dials back a call.

Feeling guilty, Jacob tells Marty he can take the afternoon off, much to Marty’s delight.

However, Jacob soon becomes suspicious as to why Marty is driving all the way to Bristol for a dentist appointment and realizes he has been tricked.

6. Dylan has a disturbing discovery

Dylan Keogh, victim


Dylan notices that Ashok has suffered a lot of bruising. He tries to get Ashok to reveal that he was abused, but Max tells Dylan that he needs to stop allowing personal matters to affect how he behaves at work.

Despite Max’s warning, Dylan refuses to let it go, especially after being approached by Rash, who tells him that he thinks he might know something about the abuse. What does that mean?

7. Stevie makes a devastating discovery

stevie, victim


Max tells Stevie that there wasn’t enough evidence to fire Marcus, and he was offered a relocation instead.

Furious, Stevie confronts Marcus and realizes that he also abused her sister and is heartbroken.

This time, Faith comforts Stevie and they successfully work together for the first time in weeks.

Accident airs these scenes on Saturday 4th March on BBC One.

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