Dragon Age: Origins Writer Calls for Remaster with ‘PS5-era Bells and Whistles’

We are in an era of remasters and remakes. In the first few months of 2023 alone, we’ll see high-profile game releases like Dead Space, Metroid Prime, and Resident Evil 4. With 2000s nostalgia running high right now, video game writer David Gaider is calling for a Dragon Age remaster: Origins from 2009.

Gaider was the head writer and scenario creator for BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins, and would go on to work on Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition. About twitterGaider wrote, “If we’re excited about remastering games from their earliest days, how about Dragon Age Origins? Its graphics were lagging even at the time of launch… can you imagine with the PS5’s new-age bells and whistles?”

Responding to a few other Twitter users, Gaider downplayed the likelihood of a Dragon Age remaster happening, saying “I suspect EA would only do this if they thought it would sell like hotcakes* gold-plated. They… never really got DA, or understood why it sold better than Mass Effect, was my impression.”

The writer too he said he would even be satisfied with “Inquisition-level graphics” and just wants “Morrigan not to have the shoulders of a linebacker and that the sex scenes don’t look like someone hitting puppets and yelling ‘now kiss!'”

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