Did Marty and David leave the show?

Accident spoilers to follow.

Accident aired a shocking triple exit tonight (March 18) as Robyn Miller, David Hide and Marty Kirkby left the show.

Robyn succumbed to the injuries she sustained in last week’s episode (more on that here) and a grief-stricken David and Marty decided to leave the ED in the aftermath.

While it’s pretty clear there’s no way back for Robyn (RIP!), what about Marty and David, and even Charlie? We have all the answers below.

Did Marty and David leave?


Yes. digital spy can confirm that tonight marks the end of the road for Nurses Marty and David after the ER shutdown.

Marty was the first to confront Jacob earlier in the episode, blaming him for Robyn’s distress when she got into her car after a long shift.

David has also realized that he is no longer equipped to do a job like this; the system is broken. He inspired Marty and many of the other nurses to walk out of the ER in protest, hoping that if enough of them made a statement something would have to change.

Resolute, David and Marty were last seen hugging each other goodbye, before leaving Holby ED for the last time.



Although Jason Durr announced his departure as David last year, Shaheen Jafargholi’s departure itself will come as a surprise to viewers as it had not been announced prior to the broadcast.

The same goes for Amanda Henderson, whose departure as Robyn was also kept under wraps.

Jason joined the show as kindhearted nurse David in 2016. Since then, he’s been involved in some major storylines, from David’s bipolar and subsequent breakdown, to his relationship and marriage to Rosa Cadenas.

More recently, David also took center stage in a shocking story involving his son Ollie, who was killed after carrying out a devastating school shooting with accomplice Rob.



Jason confirmed he was leaving Accident in an Instagram post last year.

He wrote: “After 6 years of playing the wonderfully complex #NurseDavidHide @bbccasualtyofficial, I’ve shed my uniform. Made firm friendships, learned to pronounce uvulopalatopharyngoplasty and had my squeamishness completely challenged! Here are new adventures (hopefully with less blood & stomach). “

Shaheen, formerly known for playing EastEnders student Shakil Kazemi, joined the show as Marty in 2018.

Her biggest storylines revolved around her fractured relationship with her father Graham, her friendship with Robyn, and her former relationship with co-worker Adi, which led them to decide to explore surrogacy.

And Charlie?



He’ll stick around. For now, at least. Ufa.

Although Charlie also thought about leaving, he finally changed his mind after hearing Robyn’s final words to him in a voicemail.

After returning to the ER, Charlie made it clear that he would stay, but only out of respect for Robyn – not Jacob.

Charlie’s future on the show looks secure for now, but the exits may not necessarily end there…

Accident airs these scenes on Saturday 18 March on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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