Coronation Street Spoilers – Stalker Justin Gets Nastier With Daisy

Coronation Street spoilers to follow.

Coronation Street stalker Justin got nastier with Daisy in sinister scenes.

On Friday’s episode (Feb. 24), Daniel wondered if he and Daisy should postpone their wedding day until Justin is properly dealt with.

Daisy had another scary encounter with Justin when he approached her with a bouquet of flowers in the street. Daisy destroyed the flowers and then punched Justin in a wave of rage.

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Justin insisted that his mother really died, so he was bringing the flowers to visit George about the funeral arrangements. This caused Daisy to run and fall into Daniel’s arms.

The couple tried to talk things out and agreed to go ahead with the wedding, until Officer Jess asked Daisy to come to the station because Justin accused her of assault.

At the police station, Officer Jess was alarmed to discover that fellow Officer Scott had been tracking Daisy’s online activities.

However, officers soon revealed that Justin had dropped the assault charge and taken full responsibility for triggering the incident.


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Justin showed up at the pub demanding to speak to Daisy, insisting that he wasn’t going “anywhere” until she agreed to speak to him. Even though some of the punters approached Justin, Daisy agreed to listen to him.

“I know what I’m doing,” she assured Daniel.

With Daniel by her side, Daisy tried to make it as clear as possible to Justin that he was nothing to her and “never will be”, and he initially seemed to get the message as he walked away.

Later, Daisy visited PC Jess, where she learned that PC Scott had officially been reprimanded for following her online. Jess also encouraged Daisy to get a stalking protection order against Justin.

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Daisy was wrong to think she got rid of Justin, as he cornered her in the rocks with some dire threats. She ordered him to stay away or she would get a protective order.

Justin only backed off when a few other people on the street noticed how terrified Daisy was. These scenes are making Daisy even more horrified when Justin throws acid at her in the Rovers.

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We encourage anyone who identifies with the topics raised in this article to get in touch. Call 999 if you or someone you know is in immediate danger, or report any concerns. using UK government resources or the Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service. O National Persecution Support Line It is open from 9.30 am to 4 pm on weekdays (and until 8 pm on Wednesdays) on 0808 802 0300.

Coronation Street has been working on Daisy’s story with the support of Suzy Lamplugh Foundationwhich works to reduce the risk of violence and aggression through campaigning, education and advocacy.

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