Warhammer 40K: Darktide update aims to make missions complete and create more rewards

Warhammer 40K: Darktide’s latest update brings big changes to how players earn and mod gear, and looks to be a step in the right direction for a title that has been heavily criticized by fans for feeling incomplete. Patch #4, Blessings of the Omnissiah, revamps several aspects of Darktide’s progression. For starters, players will always … Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 already exists on Xbox Series X|S, announcement delayed due to ‘technical issues’

Baldur’s Gate 3 finally got a release date yesterday, but fans quickly realized that Xbox wasn’t included in developer Larian Studios’ release plans. In a statement to IGN, Larian Studios clarified the situation, saying the studio is “planning to release Baldur’s Gate 3 for PC, Mac, GeForce NOW and PS5”. An Xbox version is in … Read more

Digimon World: Next order review (change)

Captured on Nintendo Switch (handheld/detached) Just like any franchise that lasts this long, Digimon video games have had a lot of ups and downs. Digimon World: Next Order first released in 2016 for the PlayStation Vita, with a PlayStation 4 release coming to the West the following year. It has since enjoyed a cult following … Read more

Resident Evil 4 Remake Pre-Order Guide

After launching on nearly every platform released over the last 18 years (most recently Meta Quest 2 in a very good VR port), Capcom completely re-engineered the 2005 games resident Evil 4 to terrorize more platforms. It’s available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Windows PC on Friday, March 24, 2023. This … Read more

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code introduces six new characters

Twilight lived Image: Spike Chunsoft VA Japanese: Yuichiro UmeharaVA English: Aleks LeIt has a decadent atmosphere and aesthetic about it. Often lying in various places, such as the agency’s fireplace or under the hotel’s grand piano, his personality can be described as self-indulgent. Forensics Forensics: Spectral ProjectionFreed from the flesh, the ghost form can pass … Read more

Call of Duty 2023 reportedly was Modern Warfare 2’s “premium expansion”, now standalone release

This year’s Call of Duty will be another Modern Warfare game, just one year after 2022’s Modern Warfare 2. That’s according to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who detailed Activision’s next entry in its annual shooter series in a report last night. This game was originally intended as a “premium expansion” to Modern Warfare 2, but is … Read more

Clive ‘N’ Wrench review (change)

Captured on Nintendo Switch (docked) There’s little argument that the Switch has become one of the top consoles for 3D platforms. From a host of ‘Golden Age’ classics like Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64, to amazing new experiences like Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and brilliant indies like Lunistice, there’s a 3D platformer out there … Read more