Diablo IV is the perfect empty head, deadly shit game

diablo is one of those games that you’ve definitely played – even if you haven’t. It’s so influential in its design, from its RPG mechanics to its loot and progression systems, that the franchise has its demonic horns stabbed in countless other video games. Borders It is Destiny for hades It is Fantasy Star Online. … Read more

Diablo 4 – All statues and Altar of Lilith locations

When exploring the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4, there’s a lot to look for. Whether you’re looking for your next dungeon or trying to complete an event to get extra Muttering Obols, you usually never have to go very far before finding your next action. For some players though, they’re not after action. Instead, … Read more

Studio Disco Elysium declares legal battle ‘resolution’ as two of its ousted founders insist fight continues: ‘they won’t silence us’

On March 14, Eurogamer (opens in new tab) and GamesIndustry.biz (opens in new tab) reported on a press release from ZA/UM that declared the resolution of its legal dispute with Disco Elysium founding member and producer Kaur Kender, while also indicating that the wrongful termination process for Disco Elysium project leader, Robert Kurvitz, and lead … Read more

9 new advantages of the PS5 system making it much more convenient

I spend a lot of time playing my play 5: deleting games here, downloading there, looking for old saves, and trying to talk to friends. It made me appreciate every new firmware update, no matter how small or niche the improvements it makes. And earlier this month, Sony delivered a bunch of satisfying tweaks. Players … Read more