Big Bang: The Explosive 365 Days That Changed Fashion Forever

Bringing together Rei Kawakubo’s Lumps and Bumps, Alexander McQueen’s scandalous Givenchy debut, Tom Ford’s Gucci panties and more, a new Paris exhibition explores 1997 – the year fashion faded your axis Fashion has had many pivotal movements throughout its history, from Mary Quant lifting hems in the 1960s, to Vivienne Westwood and her entourage of … Read more

Who What Wears Weddings: Amrit Sidhu and Jon Tietz

Welcome to Who What Wear Weddings, which is essentially fashion people getting married! We’ll be featuring stylish weddings filled with can’t-miss inspirational images and purchasable elements (it’s Who What Wear, after all) and packed with helpful tips and takeaways straight from the newlywed. Hopeless romantics always say that the love of your life is usually … Read more

How CFOs became one of the most in-demand roles in fashion

Kirby Perkins, managing director of Crist Kolder Associates, an executive search firm that specializes in the role of CFO, can’t remember a busier time at the firm. “The market for exceptional financial talent is booming,” said Perkins. “It all started with Covid, when companies found themselves in a position where they really needed a top … Read more

The future of fashion at auction houses

As a former style editor for Vogue and the T from the New York Times magazine, Edward Barsamian has long known auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips. But in 2019, while working for Victoria Beckham—after she partnered with Sotheby’s to display Old Master paintings at her boutique in Mayfair and host a dinner party … Read more

Temu’s ambitions are greater than defeating Shein

Since his US debut last September, Temu has drawn many comparisons to Shein. Both platforms were launched by Chinese companies (Temu by PDD Holdings, which owns Pinduoduo; Shein has since moved Hits headquarters to Singapore) and seemingly overnight became hugely popular with thrifty shoppers attracted to US T-shirts. $3 and $7 sandals. Like Shein before … Read more

AutHer Awards 2023 Winners Announced at Gala Event in New Delhi

It was an emotional evening at the Taj Palace in New Delhi on Sunday as audiences witnessed an emotional celebration of female Indian writers on the occasion of the announcement of the winners of the 2023 AutHer Awards. The AutHer Awards, a joint venture between The Times of India and JK Paper, honors the authors … Read more

Melbourne Fashion Festival: Fury over ‘deliberate’ lack of plus size models

Curvy models have criticized the Melbourne Fashion Festival for its “deliberate” lack of size diversity on its runways. The charge that MFF organizers chose not to cast large enough numbers of plus-size models has been made by those on the runway and off. The MFF board made a “very clear decision not to cast models … Read more

Fashion show for children’s hospital raises approximately US$ 85,000 – Imprensa Telegram

Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach Auxiliary, founded in 1946, hosted its popular fashion show last month. Nearly 400 people attended the Feb. 25 event at the Hyatt Regency. “Hearts Reunited” was the theme of the day, with the event raising an estimated $85,000. Mary Alice Braly and the audience glowed with delight as she was … Read more