Congressional privacy proposals could kill dozens of blockchain projects

With public confidence in major tech companies at an all-time low, Congress is once again considering comprehensive data privacy legislation. But the rise of blockchain technologies and the nascent decentralized web mean that these overarching proposals are long overdue. Without major revisions, these legislative proposals run the risk of strangling decentralizing technologies in their cradle. … Read more

7 real examples of cloud computing to know

Cloud computing has become an important part of our lives whether we realize it or not. Many of the services and applications we use on a daily basis, such as messaging and music and video streaming, are powered by cloud computing. Here are some real examples of cloud computing that you should know about. Netflix … Read more

Web3 hot topic at SXSW despite bear market and declining interest in NFTs

Giant rabbits wearing trendy clothes situated next to cartoon characters with rainbows coming out of their mouths lined the streets of South by Southwest (SXSW) last year. That’s because two non-fungible token (NFT) projects – Doodles and Fluf World – dominated SXSW 2022. However, these projects were not found at SXSW 2023, demonstrating the lack … Read more

LBank receives second edition of Twitter Space “New Narratives for 2023”

On March 16, global cryptocurrency exchange LBank launched the second volume from the AMA online event “Exploring New Narratives for 2023” via its official Twitter account. O first edition in February it attracted over 40,000 listeners. This article compiles what industry experts have to say about the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 1. Rainlands, AMA … Read more

The NFT market still faces long-term barriers to growth

The NFT market appears to be weathering the turmoil of 2022. But the industry still faces significant long-term barriers to growth this year, involving security, UX and dwindling interest from brands. According to a report published earlier this month, the NFT market is back to the highest levels since May 2022. This indicates that the … Read more

Investors take shelter in short-term Treasuries, reducing the chance of Bitcoin rising to $30k

Bitcoin (BTC) price crossed $28,000 on March 21, but according to two derivatives metrics, traders are not very excited after a 36% gain in eight days. Looking beyond Bitcoin’s stellar performance, there are reasons why investors are not entirely confident of further price increases. The recent bailout of Credit Suisse, a leading 167-year-old Swiss financial … Read more