Blood Bowl 3 Dev Apologizes for Launch Problems, Addresses the “Sensitive Topic” of Its Monetization Strategy

Cyanide Studios has posted a lengthy response to fans unhappy with the current state – and monetization strategy – of Blood Bowl 3.

With only 27 percent of players giving the game a thumbs-up on Steam — that’s a cumulative 73 percent disapproval rate from nearly a thousand players at this point — Cyanide outlined what “players can expect (…) as we go” as well as exploring the “sensitive topic” of monetization.

After thanking players for supporting the game, the team identified six main complaints: “the monetization, the Brutal Edition, the state of the game, the server issues, the Faction Leaks, and the Blood Bowl team”.

“Game functionality is our top priority and please be assured that we will do our best to resolve any bugs or broken elements as quickly as possible,” the statement said (thanks, PC Gamer).

Blood Bowl 3 – Release Date Trailer | PS5 and PS4 games.

“We expect Blood Bowl 3 to be an ever-evolving game. Even the end of the roadmap is not the end of the road. We will continually add content and events. We have big plans and ambitions for Blood Bowl 3, and these early hurdles don’t change that.”

The post detailed what we’ll be able to unlock “for free through upcoming features”, before moving on to the thorny topic of monetization.

“We’d like to talk about monetization and we recognize that this is a sensitive topic within the community,” the team said. “This is something we tried to communicate ahead of launch, but we intend to implement features that allow players to be rewarded with cosmetic items or Warpstone through play and purchase.

“We know we probably won’t be able to convince all of you, but we truly believe our system is fair, rewarding and optional, and that’s understandable.”

As for the Brutal Edition snafu? Cyanide says an “unfortunate” “Steam bug caused all players to incorrectly receive the Brutal Edition”, and while it won’t remove the 1000 Warpstone players who didn’t purchase the Brutal Edition they received, it will remove the cosmetic bonuses for those who didn’t. sophisticated editing.

Those who he did paying more for the Brutal Edition will also get you another 1000 Warpstone and an additional 250 Warpstone will go to Early Unlocks players “for their troubles”.

“We understand that this doesn’t solve everything, but we hope it will at least alleviate that feeling and show our appreciation. We will always follow this policy with our community,” the team explained.

“We’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the server issues leading up to and during launch. This has been our main concern since early unlock began. Since yesterday’s patch, our servers are more stable.

“We will continue to communicate in the future whenever necessary. You will have many updates, whether through news, videos or live streaming during pre-season to sort everything out and keep you informed of all our progress, “concluded the statement .

“Thank you for your time and for being so passionate about Blood Bowl. No matter the disappointment, we can always see the passion behind it, and that’s something that keeps us going and motivates us to change things up.”

For the uninitiated, Blood Bowl is a cross between fantasy and football, blending Warhammer and sports into a mix of touchdowns and turn-based combat. While originally slated for February 2022, later November 2022 publisher Nacon ended up pushing the release back to February 2023.

Blood Bowl 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and next-gen consoles.

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