Ant and Dec reveal their worst celebrity interview from the SM:TV days

Ant and Dec Revealed Their Worst Celebrity Interview SM: Live TV days.

The duo has had many hosting gigs over the years – I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here!, Great Britain’s Talent It is ant and december to name just a few. But before all that, they received SM: Live TV.

Obviously, not all interviews can go smoothly, so when they were asked by HuffPost UK about the worst celebrity interview ever SM: Live TV was, both said singer Christina Aguilera.

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They also said that Jennifer Lopez was adorable, but her pilot — a list of things celebrities wish they had in their dressing rooms — is what blew them away.

“I remember Jennifer Lopez coming down and seeing that whole thing of having six dressing rooms and Evian at room temperature — all the pilots and stuff,” said Dec. 1.

“She was really adorable, but yeah, there was this big old stink in the studio: ‘She needs this, she needs that,'” he added.

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They also remembered how SM: Live TV had a rocky start before they were able to get Sting on the show.

“The first kind of (big) guest we had was Sting,” Ant said. “I think he agreed to do it because we were Geordies.

“And as soon as we got him, other people started saying, ‘Oh, if Sting’s in it, then I’ll do it.’ And in the end, everybody who was anybody was on the show.”

I’m a celebrity will return later this year for an All-Stars series on ITV1 and ITVX.

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