An online gaming platform that is creating a buzz

Online gaming has taken the world by storm in recent years, with several massive organizations pouring billions into the industry. This has made the game much more than just a hobby, providing a particularly lucrative and viable career path for many young and aspiring people.

That said, online gaming has also been touted as one of the top blockchain applications. Now, with heavyweights like Meta (formerly: Facebook) jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon since last year, the industry has received its fair share of recognition.

New online gaming platform Metacade is booming in early 2023, and not without a good set of reasons.

What is Metacada?

Metacade is a fast growing name in the online gaming world. Its blockchain-based virtual arcade brings video game enthusiasts together in one place, where they can experience the best play-to-win (P2E) titles while mingling with like-minded people. The platform’s exciting plans look set to revolutionize the crypto gaming landscape, while providing a blueprint for the future of the GameFi industry.

Metacade’s P2E mechanics offer the main appeal to GameFi fans, attracting both the casual player who wants to take on their friends in 1v1 duels and the experienced player of online tournaments.

However, there is much on offer for those wanting to delve into the world of crypto and metaverse gaming, with additional earning streams to be explored on this vast and multi-tiered online gaming platform.

For example, players can participate in the platform’s Compete2Earn program, whereby they can stake their native MCADE token to enter online tournaments and regular prize draws for the chance to win a share of seriously lucrative prizes.

Other earning streams include Create2Earn, which encourages posting social content on the platform, writing game reviews, and sharing game tips on how to progress. The pioneering Work2Earn scheme looks set to become the standard bearer in powering the entire crypto gaming industry for years to come, and Metacade has plans to add a job board in the second half of 2024.

How it works?

Metacade is powered by MCADE currency, which is used for all transactions on the platform and to drive project development.

MCADE is generated by various internal and external sources, with some funding being provided by its community through token staking and access to paid titles, with the rest coming from external channels. These include advertising on the hub, charging other game companies to release games through the platform’s unique launchpad tool, and, starting Q1 2024, hosting Web3 job openings on the platform’s job board.

The job board will give the MCADE community access to paid work opportunities, thanks to the Work2Earn scheme. It will host temp work, paid beta testing roles, and eventually provide access to some of the best and most exciting job opportunities in Web3 development.

The MCADE community is at the heart of Metacade’s plans, as more control will roll out to members over time, with the platform aiming to become a full DAO by Q4 2024. community members meet all requirements for positions in the Metacade organization, and broader members are granted full voting rights on governance and plans.

Metacade: Driving innovation in crypto games

What makes Metacade’s roadmap exciting in the P2E crypto gaming industry is its Metagrants initiative, launched in Q3 2023. Its aim is to encourage the development of new P2E games exclusively for Metacade from talent within its community. One of the many beneficial by-products for the wider GameFi industry will be the impetus to drive the industry forward and access to some of Web3’s best and brightest talent derived from such a system.

Designed to promote and encourage game developers to create exciting new titles, Metagrants are awarded to the most popular ideas submitted through the system. Being determined by a community vote, funding will be distributed to the winning developers, providing them with the tools to turn ideas into tangible, community-endorsed P2E games.

While the benefits to Metacade and its community of the Metagrants scheme are clear, less obvious but equally valuable are the benefits available to the wider crypto gaming community. Developers will be driven to find new and innovative ways to utilize Web3 technology for P2E gaming. This will increase the quality of new games coming to Metacade and should inspire other GameFi companies to keep pace with Metacade.

MCADE: Powering the Future of GameFi

The Metacade pre-sale event was launched recently and quickly caught the attention of cryptocurrency investors, who flocked in their thousands to take advantage of the low-priced MCADE tokens. After launching at $0.008 during pre-order beta, MCADE now costs $0.014 currently, and $6.3 million has already been invested in the project.
For more details and how to participate in the pre-sale, check out the official website.


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