Ambire to Host a “Paper Hands” Tournament at ETHDenver

Ambire invites all geeks and card game freaks to play “Paper Hands” at this year’s ETHDenver and win $800 in $WALLET tokens!

Are you a card game geek? Does $800 worth of $WALLET tokens sound good to you? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to join Ambire at this year’s ETHDenver for a round of “Paper Hands”. Paper Hands is a “Cards Against Humanity” style card game, but for cryptocurrencies. Cards Against Humanity took the world by storm. Ambire has taken this to the next level by adding an exciting cryptographic element to this game.

Created by the Ambire Wallet team, “Paper Hands” was a massive hit at Devcon 2022, and people have been playing the game at conferences across the world. Given the huge success of the game, Ambire decided to host a “Paper Hands” tournament to find out who is the most cryptopolitically incorrect degen in existence.

There will be Prizes. What else do you need?

The game rules are simple. The tournament will start at 13:00 with qualifying tables. The winners of the qualifying tables will gather around a final table to determine the ETHDenver paper hand champion once and for all.

We mentioned there would be prizes, right?

First place will receive $500 in $WALLET Tokens, an Ambire Purse and Ledger Nano S. Second place will receive $200 in $WALLET Tokens, an Ambire Purse and Ledger Nano S. Third place will receive $100 in $WALLET tokens, an Ambire Goody Bag and Ledger Nano S.

Our lovely friends at Ledger will provide the Ledger Nano S prizes and participate in the tournament.

We would love for everyone to be there, but unfortunately, capacity is limited to 100 participants. Admission is based on a “first come, first served” basis. Register quickly or risk missing out! Registration before the event is mandatory.

As we said: The rules are simple.

The rules of “Paper Hands” are elementary, my dear Watson.

To start a game, each player draws ten white cards. The player who most recently lost money in the cryptocurrency market is crowned the “King of Cryptocurrency” and receives a purple card.

A game catch: if Elon plays, he plays first, regardless of how long ago he lost money.

Crypto King should read the purple card prompt aloud. All players must respond to the prompt by passing a single white card to the Crypto King face down.

The Crypto King must then shuffle all the white cards and read each combination aloud to the group.

Finally, the Crypto King must choose the funniest move and whoever submits the move earns a point. After the round, a new player is named the King of Crypto and everyone is dealt up to ten white cards.

The winner is the person who bought Bitcoin for $1 or who has accumulated the most points at the end of the game.

Sybil attacks are allowed

The game has another exciting twist. A player can increase their chances of winning the round by launching a Sybil Attack. A Sybil Attack is when a player manages to sneak in two white cards without getting caught. However, if an attacker is caught, he skips a move in the next round of the game.

Ambire at ETHDenver

As part of our ETHDenver campaign this year, we thought it best to host the “Mãos de Papel” Tournament. ETHDenver has evolved into probably the most significant Ethereum conference in the United States, with over 10,000 attendees expected this year.

Ambire Wallet is one of this year’s sponsors, and we will have a booth where attendees can meet the Ambire team, talk about all things self-custodial and wallet and, of course, pick up some of the best goodies.

As we said, capacity is limited, so run and sign up! You don’t want to miss the Paper Hands tournament.

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