Alpine Esports Signs QANplatform as Its Official Blockchain Partner to Support Fan Engagement, Team Performance, and Operations

February 28, 2023 – Tallinn, Estonia

Alpine Esports partners with QANplatform to create new ways to gamify their content to attract new viewers and interact with fans.

QANplatform will support internal operations and access to the platform’s developer structure. QANplatform will allow Alpine Esports to create programs that will automate various internal processes, as well as provide the team with secure and fast data that will be used to improve team performance and organization.

The partnership aims to create a series of practical use cases for blockchain technology to showcase the technology’s versatility beyond payment processing for simulated racing, esports and the automotive industries.

Watch the partnership video below.

Alpine Esports a Renault Group brand and, among others, in the Formula 1 esports series and QAN platform the cutting-edge blockchain platform We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership.

For Alpine Esports, the partnership will help with the team’s fan engagement strategy and allow them to create practical use cases that will support internal operations.

For QANplatform, the partnership aims to illustrate how blockchain technology can be used to develop applications for businesses beyond payment processing.

QANplatform will become the official blockchain partner of Alpine Esports where, in addition to use cases, QANplatform will be proud of its place in the new Formula 1 esports team jersey and esports cars alongside other partners such as Binance, Kappa and Shamir.

Today, Alpine Esports also revealed its new content creation feature the Alpine Esports Content Room (powered by QAN) built within the walls of its historic Formula 1 factory in Enstone, UK.

Alpine Esports invested in Web 3.0 activations in 2022, playing a key role in their fan engagement strategy with the launch of the Alpine Esports series which saw them give away $100,000 worth of Alpine Fan Tokens.

$10,000 Alpine rewards packages and NFTs were available during the live streams, which dramatically increased the stream’s viewership.

QANplatform is building a hybrid blockchain platform a combination of public blockchain and private blockchain. By leveraging QANplatform’s developer-friendly framework, technology stack, and secure code libraries, Alpine will be able to gamify and personalize its content and create new fan offerings instantly.

From an operational standpoint, Alpine Esports will benefit from QANplatform’s quantum-resistant protocols, which will secure the future of applications developed on it and provide full protection against quantum computing attacks.

Alpine Esports will be able to create smart contracts (programs) in any programming language to automate various internal processes.

Guillaume Vergnas, Head of Esports, Gaming and Web 3.0 at Alpine Esports, said:

“We see Web 3.0 as the evolution of peer-to-peer relationships. Consumers want to be on platforms that aren’t owned by tech giants, but platforms that are owned by users who can own their own content. Web 3.0 is a new way to engage with communities, customers and fans.

“We saw fantastic engagement with our first Web 3.0 enablement during the Alpine Esports series in 2022 and we want to build on this momentum by offering more gamification in our streams.

“We also see the business potential behind QANplatform’s technology. The flexibility, speed and security behind the platform will allow us to test practical blockchain use cases that we hope will streamline our operations.”

Johann Polecsak, co-founder and CTO of QANplatform, said:

“There is no better sector for QANplatform to test a newly debuted innovative technology product than the Formula One sector, which is famous for its complex structure and operation, progressive technologies, high performance and high levels of quality.

“QANplatform’s ultimate goal as an official blockchain partner of Alpine Esports is to help Alpine create value-added technology products and use cases on top of the QAN blockchain platform, which can be scaled and integrated in the future into Alpine Formula One and the industry. wider commercial automobile.

“Alpine Esports is a great partner for the horizontal plan, as it belongs to the Renault Group. the largest alliance of automobile manufacturers in the world.”

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About Alpine

Founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, the brand distinguished itself with its French-style sports cars. In 2018, the brand presents the new A110, a sports car faithful to Alpine’s timeless principles of compactness, lightness, agility and driving pleasure.

In 2021, the Alpine Business Unit is created. It thus becomes the brand dedicated to the Renault Group’s innovative, authentic and exclusive sports cars, benefiting from the heritage and craftsmanship of its historic factory in Dieppe, as well as the engineering mastery of the Alpine Racing and Alpine Cars teams.

About QANplatform

QANplatform is the quantum resistant hybrid blockchain platform that will allow developers and enterprises to build quantum resistant smart contract, DApp, DeFi, DAO, token, CBDC, NFT, metaverse and Web 3.0 solutions on top of the QAN blockchain platform in any language of schedule.

Learn more on the website.


Gergo Szoke, QAN platform

Alpine PR

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