All Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands

Looking for cheats in Sons of the Forest? You can use console commands to activate divine mode, obtain all in-game items, change the time of day or weather, teleport across the map, or even spawn an army of helpful Kelvins (opens in new tab) to build your cabin faster. And here’s more good news: it’s very easy to access a debug console for the early access survival game that will allow you to do all that and more.

To enable cheats in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need some mods that you can find on Thunderstore, a popular repository of mods for games like Valheim, Boneworks, and now Sons of the Forest. First you will want to install the Thunderstore Mod Manager (opens in new tab)and then use it to install BepInExPack IL2CPP (opens in new tab) and the Children of the Forest mod DebugConsole (opens in new tab).

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